Background checking on eyed individuals proved to be one of the highlights of the internet. Information over information on people can fill pages just even when you start typing their names. 

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The act provides all the background information to a person or a company (perhaps the employer) about the person being searched up. Accordingly, this information includes education background, past records, employment record, etc. 

Thus, background checking works as effectively as it has been imagined. But, can it actually help you find a person?

That’s roughly a yes. But, it depends entirely on the type of background check. If you are eyeing to track down a person via background check, you should first and foremost know the type of background check service you are using:

Criminal Background Check

The criminal background checking is one for legal purposes. It involves going through the person’s criminal records and/or arrest history.

Universal Background Check 

This type of background check is done before allowing a person to purchase and use guns. 

Professional Background & License Check

This type of background check goes through the person’s education history, employment records, and list of professional licenses. 

Employment Background Check

This type of background check sees if the person has had conflicts with previous employers and co-employees. 

International Records Check

This is done to potential working candidates who have visited or settled in countries outside the U.S.

Personal Information Check 

This type of background checking fulfils a more generic search on a person’s profile: name, address, records, etc. 

Office of Inspector General (OIG) Background Check

This helps determine if the person is included in the list of healthcare offenders. 

Fingerprint Check

This type of background check links with the AFIS to acquire a person’s fingerprint information. 

Other background check types include:

  • I-9 Form Info Check
  • Credit History Check

Which background checks help track down a person? 

These include:

  • Personal Background Check 
  • International Records Check
  • Universal Background Check
  • Fingerprint Check 

To know more about how to find a person using a background check service, visit the Men’s Journal website.