Do People Still Send Invitation Cards, Or Just Text?

There was a time when you sent printed invitations to your loved ones and close friends in almost every events and milestones in your life. From your first birthday, your parents must have done a simple or grand celebration and gave away nice printed first birthday invitations. You graduated from grade school, senior year and college, there are victory party invitations for your achievements.

When you reached your 18th birthday, there is a debut party invitation for this celebration. You found your ideal partner and after years, you decided to tie the knot, there is a wedding invitation for your limited circle. You invested a new startup and of course, there are business events that needed RSVP invitations for clients and members. All these are just a part of invitation cards you will consume in your life.

 And as technology continue innovating, there are a lot of more changes. One is the decline of bulk ordering when you want to print paper-type invitations. And the other is the decline of personal texting per individual. In most occasions, celebrants are now relying on print-on demand invitations in the internet, and offers a lot of printing services available worldwide. Pixajoy, the leading print-on demand start up has created a solid portfolio of what it meant to have an online printing services.

Advantages Of Online Printing Services Offered By Pixajoy

It’s Convenient

The process is simple and easy to follow.

They have Outstanding Business Portfolio

They have a wide collection of designed templates, customized invitations, and other services proven by their record.

It’s Fast And Reliable

With just a click of button, you can easily print orders and just wait for the printed product which will be sent by their courier.

There Is Social Media Support

You can now just send a DM without the need to text them. Every business owners makes good use of the social media.