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aldosalvagno (1367)
Last ActiveJan 27 2014 17:48
Total Moves
Date JoinedNov 24 2009
Locationalghero Italy
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1424 hours
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I love large family I have 9 sons I do not speak english actually is GIULIANO my old friend introducing me here good luck everybody hope to enjoy this room Bye

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Completed Games For aldosalvagno
OpponentCol.ResultReasonRating ChangeMovesDate EndedViewSave
T Chess960WallyBLostInactive-1952Jan 06 2014ViewPGN
T Chess960WallyWWonResigned+1454Dec 10 2013ViewPGN
anton42BWonInactive+642Nov 25 2013ViewPGN
T Chess960cookieWLostInactive-246Nov 12 2013ViewPGN
T Chess960cookieBLostInactive-268Nov 12 2013ViewPGN
capadadWWonInactive+1340Oct 17 2013ViewPGN
ketchuploverWLostInactive-1222Sep 16 2013ViewPGN
T WallyBLostResigned-1130Aug 31 2013ViewPGN
T ianbBLostResigned-1746Aug 31 2013ViewPGN
T Chess960RAYMOBWonResigned+1264Aug 29 2013ViewPGN
T ianbBWonResigned+663Aug 26 2013ViewPGN
T STOGS99WLostResigned-544Aug 18 2013ViewPGN
renegade666BWonResigned042Aug 17 2013ViewPGN
T NHeatherWWonResigned+824Aug 13 2013ViewPGN
T monster72BWonInactive+213Aug 11 2013ViewPGN
T GIULIANOWWonResigned+530Jul 26 2013ViewPGN
T partner 3WLostResigned-8103Jul 21 2013ViewPGN
T Chess960vader abtWLostResigned-1653Jul 14 2013ViewPGN
T ianbWWonCheckmate+732Jul 14 2013ViewPGN
T STOGS99BLostCheckmate-516Jul 13 2013ViewPGN
renegade666BWonCheckmate041Jul 08 2013ViewPGN
anton42BLostResigned-1438Jul 03 2013ViewPGN
T Chess960GIULIANOWWonResigned+835Jun 23 2013ViewPGN
T roy_j_whiteBLostResigned-1068Jun 22 2013ViewPGN
T WallyWLostResigned-1050Jun 15 2013ViewPGN

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