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chimchar (797)
Last ActiveMar 30 2012 20:00
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Date JoinedJun 23 2011
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The names Adam,chess god (L.O.L).My favort TV progarm has got to be Pokemon but I also enjoy the Big bang theory and How i met youre mother.

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Completed Games For chimchar
OpponentCol.ResultReasonRating ChangeMovesDate EndedViewSave
T safflonWLostForced Forfeit-20Jun 01 2012ViewPGN
T NHeatherWLostForced Forfeit-20May 25 2012ViewPGN
T NHeatherBLostForced Forfeit-20May 25 2012ViewPGN
T josesnarfWLostForced Forfeit-30May 16 2012ViewPGN
owlsheadBLostInactive-1213Apr 25 2012ViewPGN
T hrabehantaWLostInactive-119Apr 17 2012ViewPGN
RNEWWLostInactive-1118Apr 17 2012ViewPGN
boaz319WLostInactive09Apr 17 2012ViewPGN
ako40WLostInactive-1134Apr 16 2012ViewPGN
mentormanBLostInactive023Apr 14 2012ViewPGN
imanleyWLostInactive-1922Apr 12 2012ViewPGN
T josesnarfBLostInactive-510Apr 08 2012ViewPGN
T SiddhantWLostInactive-619Apr 07 2012ViewPGN
russ20hBLostInactive06Apr 06 2012ViewPGN
T GIULIANOWLostInactive-67Apr 06 2012ViewPGN
T GIULIANOBLostInactive-619Apr 06 2012ViewPGN
T wight knightWLostInactive-611Apr 06 2012ViewPGN
T uniqueWLostInactive-65Apr 06 2012ViewPGN
T uniqueBLostInactive010Apr 06 2012ViewPGN
T safflonBLostInactive-35Apr 06 2012ViewPGN
T SiddhantBLostCheckmate-819Mar 28 2012ViewPGN
T hrabehantaBLostCheckmate-116Mar 22 2012ViewPGN
XxX_TIGER_XxXBWonInactive01Mar 19 2012ViewPGN
merfeeBLostCheckmate-1422Mar 13 2012ViewPGN
BobbySandsBLostCheckmate-337Mar 08 2012ViewPGN

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