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Flurp (1217)
Last ActiveNov 09 2012 10:14
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Date JoinedNov 16 2006
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A beginning chess player, eager to learn!

Other hobbies include music (I'm in a band, a solidarity choir member (www.amahoro.be), and participating in a musical), sports (running, mountainbike) and IT (Linux fan, but starting to use my Mac Mini for recording. Working on a PhD about the translation of business processes to software architectures)

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Sep 07 2010 11:02
Feb 09 2013 09:03
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Completed Games For Flurp
OpponentCol.ResultReasonRating ChangeMovesDate EndedViewSave
desmaguireBLostInactive-2018Nov 24 2012ViewPGN
springcastle2BLostInactive-1624Nov 22 2012ViewPGN
kabayoWLostInactive-127Nov 15 2012ViewPGN
imanleyBWonResigned+228Nov 09 2012ViewPGN
anton42BLostInactive-1612Mar 02 2012ViewPGN
bbirkoWLostInactive-95Feb 29 2012ViewPGN
juancaBLostInactive-1827Nov 13 2010ViewPGN
paulfBLostInactive-1826Nov 12 2010ViewPGN
paulfWLostResigned-1923Oct 11 2010ViewPGN
T Reesh1BWonOpponent Failed to Accept Tournament Game+10Aug 16 2010ViewPGN
T Reesh1WWonOpponent Failed to Accept Tournament Game+10Aug 16 2010ViewPGN
paulfWLostInactive08Jul 29 2010ViewPGN
paulfBLostInactive011Jul 29 2010ViewPGN
SoHBLostResigned-1232Jun 21 2010ViewPGN
paulfBWonCheckmate+236Jun 14 2010ViewPGN
T nofischerWWonResigned+837Jun 11 2010ViewPGN
frizzBWonResigned+232Jun 09 2010ViewPGN
T albion42WWonOpponent Failed to Accept Tournament Game00May 28 2010ViewPGN
T tcaWWonOpponent Failed to Accept Tournament Game00May 28 2010ViewPGN
T tcaBWonOpponent Failed to Accept Tournament Game00May 28 2010ViewPGN
T albion42BWonOpponent Failed to Accept Tournament Game00May 28 2010ViewPGN
shafiee11WWonInactive04May 12 2010ViewPGN
T jcuswortWWonResigned+531Apr 23 2010ViewPGN
T nubianarmyBWonCheckmate+437Apr 21 2010ViewPGN
T shaymalusWWonInactive016Apr 20 2010ViewPGN

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