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Profile For titanic1912
titanic1912 (1220)
Last ActiveNov 13 2011 16:43
Total Moves
Date JoinedJun 01 2008
LocationFrederick, Maryland
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Completed Games For titanic1912
OpponentCol.ResultReasonRating ChangeMovesDate EndedViewSave
ARMAGEDONWWonInactive+735Nov 13 2011ViewPGN
holandesWWonCheckmate+853Aug 04 2011ViewPGN
Chess960rickWLostResigned-1222Jul 21 2011ViewPGN
johnymcruzWLostResigned-628Apr 07 2011ViewPGN
holandesWWonResigned+1512Jan 26 2011ViewPGN
desmaguireBWonResigned+719Jan 22 2011ViewPGN
PhoenixVoyageBWonInactive+57Nov 27 2010ViewPGN
paulfWLostResigned-1671Oct 30 2010ViewPGN
PhoenixVoyageWWonCheckmate+425Oct 17 2010ViewPGN
balthazarornotBWonInactive+80Sep 05 2010ViewPGN
paulfWWonCheckmate+1322Aug 11 2010ViewPGN
CapablancaBLostResigned-1533Jul 30 2010ViewPGN
gstollerBWonResigned+1625Jul 23 2010ViewPGN
MEDIA RUCABLostResigned-438Jul 16 2010ViewPGN
stewieWWonResigned+2152Jun 08 2010ViewPGN
shafiee11WWonInactive02May 16 2010ViewPGN
T GIULIANOWWonResigned+2161May 09 2010ViewPGN
T DarkmanBWonResigned+2253Apr 16 2010ViewPGN
Amy_LWLostResigned-1935Apr 14 2010ViewPGN
T GIULIANOBLostResigned-1041Apr 10 2010ViewPGN
T DarkmanWLostResigned-1326Mar 27 2010ViewPGN
mike finniganWWonResigned+1457Mar 27 2010ViewPGN
T josesnarfBLostResigned-1225Mar 15 2010ViewPGN
BiggieSmallsWLostResigned-2331Mar 12 2010ViewPGN
T Reesh1WWonInactive+726Feb 23 2010ViewPGN

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