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Chess_appeal (838)
Last ActiveMar 18 2010 11:50
Total Moves
Date JoinedJun 13 2008
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710 hours
Also Known As*chessnut*

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Feb 25 2010 10:08
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Completed Games For Chess_appeal
OpponentCol.ResultReasonRating ChangeMovesDate EndedViewSave
bluefrogBWonInactive011Mar 18 2010ViewPGN
bluefrogBWonInactive+1912Feb 25 2010ViewPGN
*chessnut*BLostResigned01Oct 26 2009ViewPGN
MonkeysickWLostResigned-515Aug 09 2009ViewPGN
partner 3BLostResigned-11Aug 01 2009ViewPGN
RamondoWLostResigned-100Aug 01 2009ViewPGN
ChumpWLostResigned-61Aug 01 2009ViewPGN
ChumpWLostResigned-70Aug 01 2009ViewPGN
ROBERTLUVBLostResigned-714Jul 31 2009ViewPGN
ROBERTLUVWLostCheckmate-730Jul 31 2009ViewPGN
RNEWWWonResigned+2222Jul 18 2009ViewPGN
nigel@nmre.co.uBLostInactive-61Jul 17 2009ViewPGN
johnrbrownWLostInactive-10Jul 13 2009ViewPGN
nigel@nmre.co.uBLostCheckmate-632Jun 28 2009ViewPGN
stalemateWLostResigned-1046May 11 2009ViewPGN
ianbBLostResigned-337May 10 2009ViewPGN
walker1BWonInactive05May 05 2009ViewPGN
nigel@nmre.co.uBLostResigned-711Apr 27 2009ViewPGN
ianbBLostCheckmate-67Apr 27 2009ViewPGN
dr crockWWonResigned073Apr 14 2009ViewPGN
Chris FBWonInactive02Apr 10 2009ViewPGN
dr crockWWonResigned+2138Apr 07 2009ViewPGN
dr crockBLostResigned025Apr 02 2009ViewPGN
dr crockBLostCheckmate-1420Mar 30 2009ViewPGN
pogumahoneWLostResigned-448Mar 27 2009ViewPGN

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